14K ‘Orange’ Gold Omega Wistwatch c.1964


Elegant as it is versatile, this Omega would suit a wide variety of styles and tastes.

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“A shade of gold, almost peachy, unusual to find and sought after – especially in such a well-appointed Omega watch”

The Omega logo and text sit proud in black at the number 12 position, whilst an original pull-push winding crown is also neatly branded and functioning smoothly.

Original 14K orange ‘arrow’ second, minute and hour hands sweep from the centre pinion, and matching gold pheons and stylised numerals adorn a champagne dial, which does show signs of  pitting if one looks closely. This light patina we’ve left well alone.

The case is stamped with European 14K |&  0585 hallmarks on the reverse.

The case back also features an ornate engraving of an ‘R’ & a ‘V’, below which a date, 20.3.64 suggests the approximate age of this timepeice, though it could be just a little earlier.

This fine HAND-WOUND (wind every morning) Omega Wristwatch has been comprehensively serviced, oiled and lightly polished.

It has been fitted with a new italian leather strap and timekept for a fortnight.

Gold watches of all kinds soon double in money as collectors buy up the last surviving gold watches – it has already happened to antique gold watch chains – the fact that this was made by such a coveted name puts this watch at the top of the list

Every watch we service is warranted for 5 years.

Please feel free to call us or drop us a line with any questions.

Please note that classic and antique watches cannot be considered water-resistant or water-proof by modern standards, even if stated on the piece itself. We do strive to renew seals and ensure the best protection from moisture that each watch will allow but we cannot guarrantee this work will survive prolonged exposure to liquids. In addition we recommend keeping all vintage watches away from phone case magnets etc. to avoid magnetisation of the balance spring.

Please also note the crown does sit flush with the case, I forgot to press it down again when I took the photos.

Royal Mail Special Delivery as standard.





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