Swiss Blue Topaz (3.4cts each) – Emerald Cut – M size


A collection sourced and freshly flown from Jaipur just before the 2020 lock-down.


Medium Size, Emerald Cut, Suitable for Claw Pendant or Claw Solitaire Ring.

Add your selected stone and setting to your cart, order as you would normally and Chris will begin work on your Commission. After a period of about 8 weeks we can either arrange a delivery or collection of the finnished peice.

If desired, the customer may book a viewing of our gem collection to compare 1,000s of Natural Gemstones and Precious Noble Metals to find the one that complements the design of your dreams!

A Swiss Blue Topaz can be differentiated from other blue gems, like Aquamarine, by its orthorhombic molecular structure (all types of Beryl are molecularly hexagonal) and its particular colour pattern when viewed through a dichroscope.

As such all gems are tested and guaranteed to be genuine.

Price reflects cost per stone (£40/ ct).

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