The Jaipur Collection ~1~ Super-Oversize Swiss Blue Topaz 115ct!

Smaller stones are available…


“You read that correctly…”

Possibly the largest gemstone we’ve ever offered. A collection sourced and freshly flown from Jaipur just before the 2020 lock-down, we’ve been hanging onto this extraordinary Swiss Blue Topaz for a while now – and our arms are getting tired!

The emerald cut girdle measures 21.70mm x 31.87mm and from base to table 16.23 mm – a colossal gemstone, by quite a margin!

We recommend this stone be set in as a pendant – it’s smaller sibling, set in 2019, can be seen here – (if we set it in a ring you’re likely to damage your finger…) using the Noble Alloy of your choice – please see our bespoke and Noble Alloys pages for details.

Book a viewing of our gem collection and compare 1,000s of Natural Gemstones and Precious Noble Metals to find the one that complements the design of your dreams!

A Swiss Blue Topaz can be differentiated from Aquamarine by its orthorhombic molecular structure (all types of Beryl are molecularly hexagonal) and its particular colour pattern when viewed through a dichroscope – as such all gems are tested and guaranteed to be genuine.

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