Select a Setting: Tarnish-Resistant Silver Claw Pendant (XL size)


This setting concept can be applied to any shape of gemstone the customer chooses.


Create your own! Select a Setting… Select a Stone… Add your choices of Gemstone and corresponding setting to your shopping basket and voi la!

Add your selected stone and setting to your cart, order as you would normally and Chris will begin work on your Commission. After a period of about 8 weeks we can either arrange a delivery or collection of the finnished peice.

This Tarnish-Resistant Silver Pendant Style is compatible with XL size stones.

Size can vary with chosen gem.

Matching chain included with the price.

What is Tarnish-Resistant Silver? Click here to discover more!

Customers with sensitive skin are able to enjoy Tarnish-Resistant Silver without fear of allergic reaction AND it’s 100% Tarnish-Resistant.

(Blue Topaz pendant is representative of the chain only and should only be used as a guide to quality and finish of the metalwork)

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