Seiko ‘Helmet ‘Alarm Chronograph Wristwatch


Named in honour of Darth Vader by seiko fans the world over…



“Known as the ‘helmet’ by Star Wars fans due to its striking resemblance to a certain rather famous protagonist…”

Stainless steel case, waterproof to 100m, with a Japanese Quartz calibre 7T62-0HCO movement.

This watch was produced during the 90s when, as any Star Wars Fan knows, the Prequel Trilogy was released, possibly leading to the ‘posthumous’ nickname.

Ultrasonically cleaned and with a new Renata battery.

Every watch we service comes with a 5 year warrantee, for the customer’s piece of mind.

Please feel free to call us or drop us a line with any questions.

Royal Mail Special Delivery.


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