Ruby 18ct ‘Sunny’ Gold Solitaire Ring


“The gem of heaven”

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“A red sapphire is called a ruby and a blue ruby is called a sapphire – they are both made of Corundum”

Hand forged from 18ct ‘Sunny’ Gold, this setting perfectly presents a 0.33ct ruby to be admired and adored.


Known as the “Gem of Heaven”, the ancient Persians believed gems of Corundum were each a chip from the pedestal that supported the earth, and that its reflections gave the sky its colours – red sky at night, shepherd delight…

Burmese Rubies are considered the best, for one simple reason – their colour. The most famous localities for Burma Rubies are in the districts around Mogok in northern Burma and at Mong Hsu about 250km east of Mandalay. Rubies tend to have significant inclusions, so eye clean specimens are rare. There are even grades of rubies with names like ‘pigeon blood’ due to the fastidiousness of dealers and collectors alike.


A ruby solitaire ring, just like the one you see here can be forged upon request.

Once you have placed you order we will contact you via email or by phone to take down your ring size.

Alternatively we can organise a fitting appointment in store.

These are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit, please allow four weeks for despatch.


Solid 18ct spheres in a matching rose hue have been placed at the base for comfort and stability – remove or reposition upon request, but we think a stone of this size will cause little trouble in that vain!


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