Rare & Special: Edwardian 9ct Half-Hunter Pocket Watch & 9ct Albert Chain


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“One of the most well appointed movements a watch of this period and one of the most stylised chains we’ve seen in along while” – C.B

You are not just buying gold here, but two antique objects of great tase and craftsmanship.

The Watch:

This watch has been easy going for us, not a ding or dent, not a jewel or pinion out of place. A full mechanical oiling & service and a light polish with the jewellers cloth has brought this rare treat back to its best.

A blue enamel chapter ring of Arabic numerals encircles the ‘porthole’ set into the case front. Depressing the crown releases the case front and reveals a white enamel dial with a few light hairlines. The chapter ring is in Roman numerals to contrast the exterior and a sub-seconds dial can be seen at the 6 o’clock. Blued hands adorn both the dials.

Turning the watch over, the case back is plain and can be accessed using the fingernail – the back snaps shut tightly.   Hallmarks for 9ct Birmingham A.L.D and the 1914 date letter can be seen. Beneath the dust cover ticks the heart of the watch.

The Swiss Lever movement is fully jewelled with rubies and the timekeeping is adjusted with a swan-neck regulator – a feature present on only the finest and most accurate 20th Century movements. It keeps excellent time over the course of a week and should be wound and set by the pull-push crown.

A 5 year warrantee covers the service and oiling of the movement.

The Chain:

A box-trombone link 9ct Gold chain, hallmarked Birmingham 1912(to the fob), with alternating two-tone links in rose and yellow gilding. Hallmarks can be found on the matching clips, T-bar and the shield-laurel leaf fob. This chain is 14.5 inches long (laid out clip to clip) and should be worn on a waistcoat with the watch on one end and and a charm, sovereign or vesta case etc.  on the other.

Most chains of this nature haven’t served the last 20 years, not due to want of quality but because they’ve been a ready source of scrap gold. At the rate of 5 gold watches and their chains a day, ensembles like this have been scrapped and melted down. This is a rare opportunity to aquire not only an antique piece of social history, but to make an investment certain to increase further in value over the coming years.

Final thoughts…

Customer’s of ours, who’ve already acquired gold watches, are sitting back and watching their investments mature. The Indian Summer of the gold watch is drawing to a close due to the hike in gold prices this year, which will see many more chains and timepieces sold for scrap. Chains now retail and well over double their weight in gold and watches are soon to follow. In five years we will not be able to market gold watches for the price you see above as they will have become a rarity for only the die-hard collector. Preserving pieces like this now will ensure not only an heirloom of quality to pass on, but the survival of a superb luxury. An opportunity not to be missed!

Please contact us with any questions or offers you might like to make and we’ll gladly chat with you about this wonderful ensemble.

A friendly note to the new owner: DO NOT USE KNIVES OF ANY VARIETY TO OPEN WATCH CASES. With the exception of especial watchmakers case knives, all pocket knives etc will considerably damage the case of your watch and impact the value – if needed, please contact us about the correct case knives to source.


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