Oversize Citrine & Tarnish-Resistant Silver Pendant


Oversize Maderia Citrine set in a Tarnish-Resistant Silver Pendant



Hand-Forged from our exclusive Tarnish-Resistant Silver, this Maderia Citrine Pendant is a sight for sore eyes!

The name Madeira Citrine derives a fortified Portuguese wine made in the Madeira Islands. The color of Madeira ranges from golden to golden-orange to reddish-brown to brown.

At 26.80ct this is the largest Citrine in our collection and by far this is the largest pendant ever made in our workshop.

A matching chain is supplied.

What is Tarnish-Resistant Silver?

Tarnish-Resistant Silver is exclusive to Chris Ball Designs. Traditional Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure Silver, with copper and trace elements making up the rest. When copper oxidises, it results in a tarnished surface to Sterling Silver objects. Our Silver Alloy (Hallmarked at the Birmingham Assay office) excludes these other elements, favouring instead iridium, an incredibly strong member of the Platinum family, and a higher percentage of silver. As a result, tarnish resistance is achieved in a metal equal in strength to Sterling Silver but scientifically neutral and non-reactive.

Consequently, customers with sensitive skin are able to enjoy Tarnish-Resistant Silver without fear of allergic reaction – 100% guaranteed

(THIS DESIGN IS AVAILABLE WITH OTHER STONES AND IN OTHER PRECIOUS METAL ALLOYS, UPON REQUEST – please see  Noble Alloys -what’s so special? or Bespoke Commissions)


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