Oval Cut Burmese Rubies

Superb oval cut Burmese Rubies


“Fine Ruby is the rarest and most valuable of all coloured gemstones”

Burma is the traditional source and since the time of Kubla Khan, and long before, Rubies have been coveted. First as cabochons, then in an increasing array of cuts, the Ruby has evolved alongside human kind.

New material is mainly coming from Madagascar, Tanzania and Mozambique, but these Rubies are from their ancient homeland, now known as Myanmar.

Oval cut at 0.35 ct each,  5.41mm in length and 3.5mm wide, these stones are 1.70mm from base to table.

We think these would made a stunning pair of claw set earrings, but if you bring your imagination anything is possible! These Rubies may be set using the Noble Alloy of your choice – please see our Bespoke and Noble Alloys pages for details.

Book a viewing of our gem collection and compare 1,000s of Natural Gemstones and Precious Noble Metals to find the one that complements the design of your dreams!


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