Orange Diamond, Naturally Ocurring, Victorian Cut (1.03cts)

Price on application


“The Victorians found these Orange Diamonds, cut them and seemed not to find any more…” – C.B

Anchor Cert Group (Birmingham) certified, this Diamond is of the most stunning stones available on the market today.

The vibrant lustre of a naturally ocurring Orange Diamond is unequalled and we encourage all interiest parties to arrange a personal viewing.

Most Orange Diamonds are Victorian cut, suggesting the majority of specimins were discovered during the 19th century, when a family’s jewel collection would generally be worn during the evening at social occassions. Gemstones were cut with candlelight in mind, the facets working to make the most of flame-illuminated settings. This practice continued through the gas light age. When electricity became commercially viable, and the world illuminated by flameless light fittings, lapiderists changed their style in accordance with fashion and progess. The evolution of technology over millenia has allowed gemstones to be cut with ever-greater complexity, but the Victorian continues to exhibit a subtle grace unparrallelled today – this one is surely the engagement gift of our times!



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