Mathew Norman Carriage Clock c.1980


£250.00 £200.00



“A robustly made clock with a recognisable name – at a reasonable price too”

Blued breguet-style hands adorn a simple white enamel dial plate, signed my the maker.

Inside the case, upon the back plate, there are yet more signatures and all-round glass pannels illuminate the decorative gilt Swiss Escape mechanism.

A black chapter ring of roman numerals contrastls the gold plated brass casing, which is showing signs of use on the carrying handle.

We can replate the clock upon request for and extra £100.

As it stands, we felt this would off-set the great value of the timepeice itself.

The original gold plated double-ended key, for winding and setting the time, is provided.

Warranted for 5 Years.

Special Delivery by Royal Mail

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