Highly Unusual Nonagonal Silver Pocket Watch c.1890


Unique, well preserved and highly functional!

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“We challenge you to find another for sale!” – C.B

A superb little watch, fully engraved with flowers and swirling grass-like patterns, picked out sparingly using black cloisonné enammelling in a subtle but effective manner.

White & gold enamel dial, Roman chapter ring and gilt hands.

Pin set, crown wind cylinder movement, fully serviced and keeping time admirably.

The case back is hallmarked, reflecting the double lion passant import marks as well as the silver purity, stated blow. The case back interior also features a name engraving and the date of 1915 – the watch was a gift once upon a time!

Details like these give one a glimpse into the behaviours and customs of a different age – these decorative timepieces were often gifts from one friend to another.

935 continental silver nonagonal case, imported to London in the 1890s. Diameter of 32mm (minus stem, crown and bow).

Fully serviced and oiled, covered by the 5 year warrantee.

These dainty victorian watches can be made into pendants very easily and worn in the original style. Customers in times gone by have ordered a Sterling chain from ourselves to complement their watch, or even provided their own from which to wear their new treasure!

Please note that classic and antique watches cannot be considered water-resistant or water-proof by modern standards, even if stated on the piece itself. We do strive to renew seals and ensure the best protection from moisture that each watch will allow but we cannot guarrantee this work will survive prolonged exposure to liquids.

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