Hamburg American Clock Co. (HAC) Westminster Chiming Wall Clock c.1920


Key wind 1920s Westminster



Big Ben in your living room (just not as loud!)

This tuneful Westminster has been disassembled, serviced, reassembled and comprehensively oiled. Chimes have been calibrated and its tasteful ‘Art Deco lite’ wooden case has been gently cleaned, waxed and polished.

5 year warrantee as standard.

Time kept for accuracy.

Delivery or collection (UK Mainland only) can be arranged via phone.



When Erhard Junghans, founder of the Junghans clock factory, died in 1876, his widow’s son in law, Paul Landenburger, who had acted as business manager for Junghans, left to start his own factory named Landenburger and Lang.

In 1883 the name was changed to the “Hamburg Amerikanische Uhrenfabrik”,
HAC became a very well known German clock company, best known for the “crossed arrows” trade mark.
They eventually merged with Junghans in 1930.


The Westminster chime was written in 1793 for a new clock in St Mary the Great, Cambridge University Church, though the composer’s identity remains unclear.

In 1851, the chime was adopted by Edmund Beckett Denison (an amateur horologist, and graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge) for the new clock at the Palace of Westminster. From there its fame spread.  Anyone who has visited the capitol has no doubt heard the hours ring from Big Ben, the largest bell in the Elizabeth Tower’s carillon.


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