Egret Vienna Regulator c. 1880


Egrets symbolise the role of the mediator or wise elder…



“An Asian influence not often seen in in these clocks”

Most certainly from the late 19th century, this stunning mid sized Vienna regulator really packs a punch with its unusual design and high quality case.

She strikes the hours and halves, being wound by two frontal arbours.

Clocks of this variety would have been carved by skilled hands, each one being utterly different from the next. You will see an unusual addition to the pendulum, a relief of two egrets in a wetlands scene. Perhaps a custom addition to this superbly crafted antique wall clock.

The 8-day movement has been disassembled, serviced and comprehensively oiled and calibrated.

Its elegantly carved walnut case has been gently waxed and polished to bring out the best in the wonderful walnut.

5 year warrantee as standard.

Original 19th Century key provided

Time kept for accuracy.

Delivery or collection (UK Mainland only) can be arranged via phone.


In Native American culture Egrets symbolise the role of the mediator or wise elder in some legends. The Cherokees associate egret feathers with peace and are traditionally worn by diplomats etc (as opposed to eagle feathers, which were worn by warriors).

In Japanese folklore, there exist legends where love-sick maidens transform into spirits of white herons to dance by frozen ponds in winter. According to others, after the death of a Japanese prince, he turned into a white heron and escaped on his new wings.

Additional image: Egrets and Cotton Roses by Tosa Mitsuoki c.1680

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