Early Tag Heur S/el Chronometer Automatic Stainless-Steel Wristwatch c.1991


Lightly used over the years and exceptionally well preserved. The previous owner a good customer and friend!

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“Arguably, one of the most comfortable Tags ever produced…”


The S/el was in the TAG Heuer range from 1987- 1999 and during this twelve years there were seven major model lines: Watch, Chronograph and Digital Chronograph (all quartz), Chronometer and Chronograph (automatic) and the S/el Leather series. This is the Chronometer, introduced in 1991. The Chronometers are individually numbered and stamped on the caseback and were the flagship of the S/el range. Please see photographgs for the watch’s unique number.


The bracelet of the S/el is its defining feature. Built with comfort and tactility in mind, the S/el bracelet is defined by alternating brushed and mirror-smooth links, with each large, chunky link made up of two curved ingots. The watch case itself seems to have been designed around the bracelet and early models like this one were crafted  with a case unable to accept a traditional leather strap.

Warrented for 5 years.

Bracelt, case and moevent serviced and finished to the highest standards.


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