Early Silver Wristwatch – Decorative Enamel Dial – 1908


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“Early wristwatches were rarely ever converted pocketwatches, but intentionally manufactured throught the world.”

Date stamped 1908, continentally produced on the back of the gorwing demand for watches for Europe’s millitary forces.

This watch utilised a continental cylindre escapement 3/4 plate movement which was based on the savonette or hunter style of pocket watch movenet, but delibrately scaled down in size.

this has been fully serviced and oiled and comes warranted for 5 years.

  • Width: 32.74 mm (including crown)
  • Height: 33.81mm (including lugs)
  • Depth: 10.64mm

To set time time, depress pin with fingernail and use the crown to adjust hands – the pin-set mechanism was outmoded in 1910 by the pull-push crown.

To wind, simple wind the crown until it stops. You cannot overwind mechanical watches but you can break them if you’re heavy handed!

Please note that classic and antique watches cannot be considered water-resistant or water-proof by modern standards, even if stated on the piece itself. We do strive to renew seals and ensure the best protection from moisture that each watch will allow but we cannot guarrantee this work will survive prolonged exposure to liquids.


The first wristwatch was made by Breguet for Empress Josephine Bonepart, consort of Emperor Napoleon in the early 1800s.

The wristlet watch concept appears from time to time in expensive pieces commissioned for aristocratic women for about a century after, until fashions changed and mass manufacturing techniques brought the wristwatch to the masses in the early 20th century…

Sometimes referred to as “trench watches” this, in most cases, is a misnomer. The phrase can only really be applied to a watch which had actually been to war or discovered on the battlefieds of Passchendaele or Galipoli, for example. However, this watch would have been produced during a time when the great European powers were expanding their armed forces, the idea growing more popular with service personel as it is far easier to multitask with the watch strapped to ones hand.


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