Demantoid Garnets ~ Brilliant Cut

A little known & sought after alternative to traditional Red Garnets


“the rarest garnet species known”

The Green – Gold aspect of these garnets is due to chrome reacting with the garnet seams in the earth’s crust.

A high reflective index (sparkle) shows off their deep exotic shades. Originally discovered in 1960s Russia, nowadays the Demantoid Garnet is mined in Africa and several small locations in the New world too.

The greenest you see are North African at 0.10 – 0.15cts, reminiscent of lost Oases and the Annual Floods of the burgeoning Nile.

The stones with a hint of gold are Russian, from the gem-rich Ural Mountains of Siberia. These the largest Demantoids we currently have in stock, at 0.35cts.

We recommend setting Demantoid garnets in our Gem-Reflective Setting, either earrings or an eternity-style ring – Noble White Gold works magnificently.

Please see our Ordering Bespoke & Noble Alloys Pages to learn more about our processes.


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