Bulova Accutron Spaceview 214 Calibre Desk Clock c.1969


For the bedside table of every stargazer



“If you’d like a space view all day as well as all night…” – C.B

A gilt brass free-standing case frames a black lacquer surrounded chapter ring. Within it sits the famous Bulova Accutron Spaceview movement, a skeletonised pre-quartz electrical movement.

Fully restored and warranted for 5 years – please note these movements are by nature power hungry and will drain a Swiss Renata battery in a year or less.

Case measures 131mm x 131mm x 38mm.

Some light case marks but a pristine dial and movement – a collectors item for sure.

The 214 calibre Accutron movement is set via the rear and should have its battery changed by a professional…see below…


The most precise timepiece of its day, the Accutron’s movement is regulated using a specialised electronic tuning fork, utilising a 360-Herz tuning fork, powered by a one-transistor electronic oscillator. This set up is the one which drives the timekeeping function of the watch, replacing the traditional balance wheel. 360-Herz is the same frequency with which the bumble bee beats its wings…

It was the 60s the most popular $100+ timepiece in America and President Lyndon B. Johnson declared it the White House’s official Gift of State.

In fact, the movement was so accurate that during the Space Race, the US Government asked Bulova to delay the release of the revolutionary movement for fear the technology may fall into the hands of the Russians. Finally, the world’s first fully electronic watch was rolled out under worldwide scrutiny at the World’s Watchmaking Fair in Basel, Switzerland (now called Baselworld) in 1960.

Subsequently, NASA incorporated the Accutron into its computers for the space program, thus becoming an integral instrument in 46 missions of the U.S. Space Programme – including the 1969 moon landing.


Please note that due to the delicate nature of Accutron watches they will need a proffessional battery replacement every 12 – 18 months.

We are happy to note the date of purchase and phone the customer after a 12-month timeframe has elapsed to facilitate a professionally executed battery replacement.

Please feel free to call us or drop us a line with any questions.

We must stress that although the case is stamped waterproof we cannot guarantee that a watch of this age will perform as such.

Royal Mail Special Delivery.


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