‘After Eight’ 1920s Bedside/ Desk Clock


The After Eight Clock…you saw it here first!



“This is the After Eight Clock, unfortunately it is not mint flavoured…” ¬†– ¬†Chris Ball

Another gem brought back to life, this gilt 1920s daily-wind bedside clock is just the ticket for the vintage enthusiast’s desk or bedside table.

With breguet-styled hands and a gilt cast metal case, it’s a hefty ornament for its size.

Fully serviced, with a Five Year Warrantee, it is rear would and set.

Please note the crackled enamel dial towards the top left hand corner has stabilised.

Collection or postage can be arranged.

Made by the British United clock Company, Birmingham. The company also provided high quality timepieces for the French market well into the Art Deco era.

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