9ct Gold ‘Corvette’ Cocktail Watch – London 1964


Hallmarks stamped on the inside caseback

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“Gold watches of all kinds soon double in money as collectors buy up the last surviving gold watches – it has already happened to antique gold watch chains… ” – C.B

A superb solid gold wristlet watch with a fully jewelled Swiss incabloc movement – dainty but timeless!

Solid gold case, hallmarked 9ct London 1964

  • Width: 18.41mm (including crown)
  • Height 21.80mm (including lugs)
  • Depth: 7.27 mm

Warranted for 5 years

This fine HAND-WOUND (wind every morning) Wristwatch has been comprehensively serviced, oiled and lightly polished.

Please note that classic and antique watches cannot be considered water-resistant or water-proof by modern standards, even if stated on the piece itself. We do strive to renew seals and ensure the best protection from moisture that each watch will allow but we cannot guarrantee this work will survive prolonged exposure to liquids.

Why Are Gold Watches So Special?

The solid gold watch has seen a decline in numbers over the past few decades as the demand for gold plated electronic components exponentially increased. The movements are binned and the cases melted down. Sad, yes, inevitable no.

The purchase of a gold watch like this is an act of preservation and investment: Fully serviced, warranted for 5 years and within the warrantee period the new owner will see the value of their investment grow far quicker than gold rate itself. With the number of gold watches shrinking every day, their value as antique timepieces starts to increase. We’ve already seen 18ct watches with complications valued at £15,000 on the BBC’s ‘Antiques Roadshow’ where previously they were valued at under a few thousand.

It won’t be long before watches like this become inaccessible to the lay person, so even if you don’t see this as an investment, surely this watch represents value for money?

Please feel free to call us or drop us a line with any questions.

Royal Mail Special Delivery as standard.

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