9ct Gold Bi-colour Chatelaine (c.1870)



“A refreshing change from the usual watch chain style, the Watch Chatelaine dates to the early days of watchmaking”

Continental in manufacture with a stamp of ‘9’ to the bolt ring, ‘gold’ to the clip and ‘BG’ to the chain. The weight of this chain is the biggest give away, despite such fine attention to detail this chatelaine comes in at 18.8g.

Pictured here with the 1930s 9ct Waltham, it proves versatile and stands out from the usual curb or trombone links in more conventional watch chains.

Lightly polished and checked for wear, this victorian-tea Chatelaine has stood up to the march of time and will do so for many decades to come.

Watch chains have become a scarcity and thus highly decorative examples are worth X3 their gold value.


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