Dimple Bracelet in Tarnish-Resistant Silver


A tried & tested original design, cherished by many in the Forest of Dean



A classic Chris Ball Design from the early days… Chris is a dab hand when it comes to Silver!

Hand Forged from 8.84g of Tarnish-Resistant Silver, this dainty piece will be made to order.

Should a customer like this design in a Cuff, please check out our Cuff page.

100% Skin-Sensitive – check out our Noble alloys page to learn more!

As the name suggests, guaranteed to be Tarnish-Resistant – i.e it will NEVER need polishing!

The dimples are proportional to the bracelet and thus unique to every customer.

How to Order:

These are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit, once you have placed you order we will contact you via email or by phone to take down your hand and wrist dimensions. Alternatively we can organise a fitting appointment in store.

These are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit please allow two weeks for despatch.

(AVAILABLE IN OTHER PRECIOUS METALS UPON REQUEST – please see Bespoke Commissions tab)

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