How to Order Bespoke

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, please call us to book a socially-distant appointment at our showroom.

Come with an idea, a stone or some sentimental jewellery – or come with just your imagination!

Call or email us with your thoughts and we’ll advise the best route. From signet rings to gem-set pendants, a conversation is all it takes!

Heritage Commissions

A Heritage Commission is a bespoke piece of jewellery hand-forged by Chris which translates any number of sentimental precious metal objects into a new more suitable form. Gold of any purity (but not plated) can be provided by the customer for us to refine and re-alloy into the metal used for the final piece.

Our process of small-batch refining and re-alloying gold gives new life to unfashionable but sentimental inheritances, broken jewellery, and any gold a customer wishes to include in a Bespoke Commission.

Your Metal: The processing of your metal is photographed step by step as it is individually refined to pure (done separately from other commissions ) and then alloyed to the customer’s preferred purity (usually 18ct for gold, but the sky’s the limit). Any type of metal can be used, but most commonly gold is the Heritage Commission Metal of choice – though that’s not to say a bi-metal commission is not possible!

Purity: We work in alloys of 18ct (750 or 75% purity) and above. 18ct is molecularly stronger than 9ct and due to its higher gold content is better value for the customer. The misconception is that 9ct is harder than 18ct because, when worn together, 18ct may be damaged by the lower purity metal. In actual fact, the softer 9ct pick us dust and grit from its surroundings (things like Sahara glass dust from the atmosphere), which imbeds in its surface causing it to become an abrasive. As such, 18ct is most commonly chosen by our customers for their commissions.

The cost of such an enterprise can be variable from person to person, depending on the amount of gold supplied – i.e will we have to supply some of our own to make up the correct weight – but we can say that the cost of Heritage Commissions will be calculated using the following formula:

Cost of the Design + Cost of Setting any Gemstones + 50% processing fee (based on weight of heritage metal minus 50% )

Grannie’s gold is refined to pure (24ct)!

Bespoke Commission

You have all the choice in the world, but you don’t have any sentimental objects to include? No problem! We supply all the metal, the gemstones of your choice and produce an entirely unique design.

Tell us about your tastes, colour preferences, how often you’re likely to wear the piece and what you might be doing in an average day. This will enable us to make recommendations an steer us towards design decisions based on you as an individual . We’ll request a fitting down the line to ensure your piece is tailored perfectly.

We offer a vast collection of dynamic gemstones from across the world – you’re welcome to see them all! – and we’ve developed exclusive Noble Alloys to complement your choices. Of course not everyone will want gemstone(s), but we’re sure you’ll be head-over-heels for one (or several) of our extraordinary Precious Metals! Combining metals is a commonplace request, all you have to do is ask!

To learn more about our Precious Noble Alloys, take a look at the tab with the same name…


An engraving service is also available for Cuffs, Cufflinks and Signet rings etc. Our college Mr. Standen is the last traditional ‘hand engraver’ in Britain, using tools and techniques now all but lost to the world. Below is a font fact sheet of most, but not all, designs Mr. Standen can offer.