Timepiece Restorations

In a Nutshell…

We offer a wide selection of timepieces in store as well as a restoration service.

We specialise in the restoration of Clocks, Watches and mechanical Autometa, from every period in history; from 18th Century Verge Lantern Clocks to Quartz Wristwatches of the present day.  We also offer straps, batteries, capacitors, watch glasses, re-plating services and much more!

Repeat Customers are entitled to a 20% discount on clocks and watches we’ve serviced before – visit our terms and conditions page to see if you qualify!

How to proceed…

Please call ahead on 01452 830 930 or email cbdesigns.business@gmail.com, if you have a potential project in mind.

Please kindly note, due to the complex nature of horology, we can only give quotes after to an in-person assessment.

We encourage customers to book an appointment at our Showroom so that we can assess potential projects in person and give you our fullest attention.

On occasion we will ask for the client to leave their timepiece with us for a period of observation. Larger or more awkward pieces can be collected from a customer via prior arrangement – just give us a call, we’ll be happy to assist.

All Clocks & Watches will be assessed before work commences upon customer consent and any faults will be discussed and quoted for. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information regarding procedure.

The Dirty work…

Timepieces will undergo a three part cleaning and rinsing process, followed by careful reassembly, a comprehensive oil service and a two week timekeeping period, to ensure accuracy.

We have the skills and knowledge to perform tasks such as the reshaping and adjustment of balance springs and to re-rivet broken fusee chains.

Our extensive inventory ranges from watch glasses to complete movements, Renata batteries and capacitors. We use New Old Stock parts where applicable and have the skills to manufacture those which are obsolete. When oiling a movement we use our stock of discontinued and rare Microtime lubricant. We can also offer the choice of genuine (pork based) or synthetic ‘catgut’ for your weight-driven clocks.

Upon request, and for a nominal fee, we can set up any timepiece at your home or office.

We offer a 5 year Warrantee on all full restorations – please see our Terms and Conditions.


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