Terms & Conditions – please read carefully!

Terms and Conditions of Sale and Restoration as of 30-07-2020.

The Chris Ball Designs 5 Year Warrantee pertains to faulty or incomplete service work of Clocks, Time Pieces and Mechanical Devices restored and sold by Chris Ball Designs within a period of 5 years from date of purchase and/or restoration completion. This does not cover worn out original parts, only those supplied and fitted by Chris Ball Designs and the procedures required fitting them. The warrantee pertains to procedures such as oiling and re-assembly of the restoration project.

  The 5 year warrantee does not cover misuse or damaged caused by the owner after the date of completion and will cease to apply once this 5 year period has elapsed. If a part is due for replacement or is faulty, the customer will be advised at the time of restoration and will be charged additionally for relevant services.

Chris Ball Designs reserves the right to refuse work upon inspection based on factors such as condition versus customer budget, viability of restoration, accessibility of parts, or customers unwilling to agree to a 20% contingency.

Chris Ball Designs reserves the right to source parts with the value of up to 20% of the restoration project quote without need to consult the customer. Replacement parts valued above the 20% threshold must be sourced upon agreement with customer.

    Items advertised and sold with a reduced warrantee timeframe are likewise covered but only within the specified timeframe; a 1 year warrantee is valid for 12 months after date of purchase or restoration completion and payment etc.

The Chris Ball Designs warrantee period entitles the customer to return any unsatisfactory work for observation and correct completion. It entitles also the return of a sale for appropriate refund. A refund will be refused, given in part or given in full depending on item condition upon return.

Chris Ball Designs is not responsible for loss by the customer of restoration projects, bespoke-made jewellery or items of Pre-loved Jewellery sold by us, nor is the company responsible for any interference whatsoever by the customer with the component parts of either bespoke or restoration pieces. Such conduct will void our warrantee and any further work will be undertaken at cost to customer.

Chris Ball Designs will guarantee that bespoke items produced using company sourced gemstones and exclusively produced precious metals are genuine, naturally occurring articles, are hallmarked appropriately and are of genuine quality in all respects. Items that do not conform to the above will be advertised to the customer to adequately inform the customer as to its authenticity.

    Chris Ball Designs is willing and able to provide a water resistance and waterproofing service, however, the company is not responsible for water damage caused by inappropriate use by the customer. Customers will be advised as to the cost and viability of water resistance and waterproofing, namely whether the piece in question is suitable for either procedure. Customers will be reminded of the terms and conditions of this undertaking and Chris Ball Designs reserves the right to ask for a customer signature as proof of understanding of the correct definition of either procedures:

Customers may consider watches as ‘waterproof’ only when explicitly described  or designed as such by the manufacturer – ‘Dive Watches’, with screw down crowns – and then only after we have undertaken the waterproofing procedure.

Customers may consider watches as ‘water-resistant’ only when we have carried out the water resistance procedure (including seal greasing and O-ring replacement). This term must be applied to watches which do not fall under the above remit of ‘waterproof’ and which have undergone a water resistance procedure.

Chris Ball Designs reserves the right to charge additional restoration fees for customers returning water damaged watches, if the terms of the 5 year warrantee and the above terms of water resistance etc have not been met. 

If a watch fails to perform as advertised by Chris Ball Designs, the Company is responsible for any remedial work needed or a refund (subject to item condition, please see Paragraph 7).

Clock and Watch Battery warrantee is subject to the model and type of battery and customers will be advised as to the lifespan of batteries replaced by Chris Ball Designs. The Company will guarantee the authenticity of all Renata Branded watch batteries replaced by us and guarantee them for a 12 month period, unless explicitly stated otherwise – in this case, Chris Ball Designs is not responsible for any such items which do not perform a reasonable service. Chris Ball designs reserves the right to request a customer signature as proof that the customer understands and agrees to these terms. If customer refuses signature, please see Paragraph 3.